$540 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) liquidated as ‘shorts’ punished

The global crypto market cap is $2.2 trillion with a 24-hour volume of $237.86 billion. The price of Bitcoin is $54,133.45 and the BTC dominance is at 46.0%.

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by Shaurya Malwa

Over $542 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) positions were liquidated last night on the back of the asset reaching all-time highs, data from markets tool Bybt showed.

139,079 traders were liquidated in all, while the largest single liquidation order happened on was an ETH trade for $74.5 million on crypto exchange Huobi.

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Reef Finance is iterating the ‘IDO’ Model with new ReefStarter Platform

Cross-chain DeFi operating system, Reef Finance has released an Initial DEX Offerings launchpad on its Substrate-based blockchain, Reef Chain.

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Irish firm Accenture to oversee 5 ‘digital dollar’ pilots in the U.S.

The Digital Dollar Project, a non-profit organization co-founded by former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) chairman Christopher Giancarlo, plans to launch five pilot programs focused on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) within the next 12 months, a report by Reuters said yesterday.

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DOGE pumps 14% as American baseball team announces Dogecoin plans

Dogecoin surged by 14% yesterday to all all-time highs after Oakland Athletics, a Major League Baseball (MLB) team, announced it would accept DOGE for selling pairs of plaza infield tickets.

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DeFi 2.0 poised to defy expectations this summer

Before the summer of 2020, DeFi was hardly on anyone’s radar.

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Why this on-chain analyst targets a $300,000 Bitcoin in 2021

A popular on-chain analyst said in a recent podcast appearance that Bitcoin would reach the $300,000 mark later this year as institutional buying continues to grow in recent times.

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Much-awaited ‘green’ cryptocurrency Chia has launched—and you can mine it at home

Starting today, users will be able to transact and trade Chia (XCH), a new cryptocurrency touting itself as an eco-friendly and easy to “farm” digital assets, according to the project’s website.

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Will Gary Gensler address the Ripple (XRP) lawsuit at the SEC meeting this week?

XRP investors, the token issued by payments firm Ripple, are optimistic that a closed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) meeting this week will see a withdrawal of the lawsuit against the firm.

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54% of Koreans say they support crypto taxes

A new survey in South Korea has shown that 53.7% of respondents support the upcoming implementation of capital gain taxes on profits from crypto trading, local outlet Yonhap News Agency reported today.

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This DeFi startup is trying to solve the liquidity problem for smaller crypto players

The $2 trillion crypto market faces a multimillion problem: That of smaller decentralized finance (DeFi) projects suffering from low-liquidity pools and high-slippage trades even as the market continues to grow as a whole.

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Talking Bitcoin, ICOs, and Ethereum DeFi with ‘The Defiant’ founder Camilla Russo

Few individuals make the career switch from a “steady” mainstream financial news publication to writing a book on the “risky” crypto space.

We’re talking about Camilla Russo, the rockstar author behind cult favorite “The Infinite Machine”—an account of Ethereum’s “past, present, and likely future.”

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